Glamorous Face All In 1 Deal, Wax Pro Machine +Gf Black Brazilian Wax 400g +Wax Wooden Stick

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Black Brazilian Wax: 

Black Brazilian wax is a type of hair removal wax used to remove hair from the intimate areas of the body. It is a hard wax that is heated and applied directly to the skin, and then removed without the need for cloth strips. The black color of the wax comes from the addition of charcoal, which helps to absorb impurities and oils from the skin.

Pro Wax Machine: 

A pro wax machine is an electrical appliance used to heat wax for hair removal. It typically consists of a wax warmer and a removable pot for easy cleaning and wax application.


A wax spatula is a small tool used to apply wax to the skin during hair removal. It is typically made of wood or plastic and has a flat, angled edge for precise application.

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