Glamorous Face Long Lasting Volume Mascara

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How To Use It
Apply Glamorous Face On The Rise Volume Mascara using the innovative part-rounded, part-hourglass shaped brush. Roll the applicator with your fingers to coat each lash in matte black lifting color.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Glamorous Face Long Lasting Volume Mascara

  1. irham basit

    I was very very satisfied with this product.The definition and the length it gives me is amazing. I fully recommend to anyone on the fence of buying.

  2. Iffat

    Loved this Mascara’s smoothness & the thinkness it gives to eye lashes. A lovely rim of lashes is the result. Waterproof but easy to remove when needed. Highly recommended 🖤

  3. Fariha

    Too good result! Brings a beautiful look to eyelashes ! Gives volume to elashes! Original product ! I have very good experience of this glamorous face volume mascara

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Why We Love It
Lash lifts are trending hard but they’re crazy expensive and cause breakage – ew! Luckily you’ve got Glamorous Face On The Rise Volume Mascara. This first-of-its-kind lash lifting volume mascara features an innovative brush design that’s part hourglass, part rounded, coating each lash in its matte black formula for max lash lengthening! The result is a lifted, far-reaching curling effect that makes your eyes look bigger! Get a sky high lash lift in just a few strokes with On The Rise Volume Mascara.